Christmas 1999

Loved Ones,

Our second Christmas in New England … and we’re settling in. Andrea is enjoying her school and new friends; Annette and Tom both like their jobs; and we all love Alyssa Joye Phillips.

Our Alyssa was born June 7th—healthy and happy. She is about five weeks old in the picture above (where she is pictured with her proud big Sister).

In addition to her full-time job as "Big Sis," Andrea is working on becoming a performer. She has acrobatics, ballet and piano lessons each week. She may even become good at some of these things if she ever begins practicing.

Annette and Tom are beginning to fit in around Boston. (If you come out and visit we can translate the native language into English for you.) We’re even beginning to learn our away around on the "T" (Boston’s subway).

One of the interesting facts about life in the Boston area is that directions are always colored encoded. For example, to get to the convention center, you take the red line to the green line. Or to get to the airport, you go "red, orange, blue."

No one drives in Boston. It’s much too congested. Everyone takes the "T"—and the "T" operates on a color coded system. So, no one gives directions by streets, but rather by the color of the "T" line that you need to take. It took us country bumpkins a while to get the confidence to try the underground world of the "T" but now we enjoy it.

Andrea and Annette are also starting to explore the world of the internet. Andrea is now convinced that the only way to know whether or not it’s raining is to check the weather on the Web. She is much too hip to simply look out the window, so send her an email message and make her day at or send Annette a message at

We also have a new address in the real world. We moved from 15 Sewall St. all the way to 16 Sewall St. (Quincy, MA 02170). It was a big move … from one side of the street to the other side, but we managed. (Actually, with a newborn, it was a hassle, but our new house is much larger and nicer.)

We still miss many of our friends from Dallas and we were happy when Tom had some business that gave us an excuse to return for a visit. We’ll be spending a few days down there around New Years and we are looking forward to visiting all of our warm southern friends again.

Then, later in January, Tom will be taking 23 students to Israel for two weeks, assuming that the Y2K bug doesn’t destroy the world as we know it.

We love ya’ all (a carry over from Dallas). Keep in touch.

Tom, Annette, Andrea & Alyssa


In the Fullness of time, God sent his son… Gal. 4:4