In the fullness of time, God sent his son... Gal. 4:4



Christmas 1998

Loved Ones,

As we celebrate the coming of the messiah this Advent, we at the Phillips household are also celebrating many other exciting changes.

We had grown to love our friends and our church in Dallas and we had come to look at Dallas as our second home, but because we believed it to be God’s will for tom to begin teaching at Eastern Nazarene College we moved to the Boston area.

So after seven years in Dallas, we loaded up a big, big truck and began our four day, 2,000 mile journey to Boston. was that ever a journey! It was like a remake of ‘the long, long trailer’ with lucille ball and ricky arnez. (HINT: If you ever move from Dallas to Boston, go north, then East. that way you won’t spend two days driving your 41 foot truck straight North along the spine of the Allegheny mountains.)

Once we got to Boston, We moved into a house about ninety seconds from ENC’s campus and Andrea Quickly learned to love life in the Boston area. (Actually, we live in Quincy--which folks here insist is pronounced ‘Quinnnzy.’)

We live about a five minute walk from the beach. If Boston had ‘blocks’--and it definitely does not--we would live about two blocks from the bay. Andrea’s school, where she has ‘the best teacher in the world,’ sits right next to a salt water ‘maahsh’ (that would be marsh in English!) which fills up with sea water at high tide.

Andrea loves life beside the sea. She has informed mom and dad that she always wants to live next to the beach! Living within walking distance of a beach limits our housing options to about 5,000 miles of coastline, but Andrea is certain that her life’s calling includes being a beach bum.

Mom and Dad fear that they have to get Andrea out of Boston soon though, lest she completely forget how to speak the English language. Her present mixture of that stuff Texans speak with that stuff that Bostonians speak is fascinating. She is probably the one person on earth who would ask, "ya’all fixin’ to paahck the caawh heahe?’ (Annette and Tom really miss the letter ‘R.’)

Annette works part-time at a Nursing Home (Hancock Park), but her main job is carrying our baby. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that We’re having another baby in June? Andrea is quite sure that she is going to have a baby sister, but Dad is equally certain that we are having a boy. (Either way, we can always try again in 2006 we andrea is sixteen and ‘junior’ is eight.)

Annette and Andrea were able to meet ‘mamaw and papaw Buchanan’ in Florida again this year for their annual trip to Disney World. (Since they have a beach in Florida, Andrea would probably let us move to Florida someday and that would be one way to get away from the perma-frost in Boston.)

Tom received his Ph.D. on December 12th (Annette’s 21st birthday). The timing was great. Now, we can celebrate the anniversary of Tom’s graduation each year when we celebrate Annette’s 21st birthday!

You should also look for Tom’s name on the best seller list. He co-edited a book published by Mercer University Press. The book, Literary Studies in Luke-Acts, is probably already on the Christmas list of every child in America, so you had better get your copy soon to avoid the rush at the check outs.

We love and pray for you. May the Lord bless and Keep you.

Tom, Annette, Andrea & ‘Junior’


The word became flesh and dwelt among...john 1:14