Christmas 2007

Loved Ones,

Year number three in California has been a busy year around the Phillips household … Andrea turned sweet 16; Alyssa danced in the Nutcracker (Again); tom visited Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, and Greece (25 days); and Annette, well, she just lost 60 pounds (that diet-and-exercise thing really works!) but don’t worry or feel guilty, tom remains on the traditional overeat and under-exercise regiment, so the only thing that he’s lost this year is most of his remaining hair (He’s becoming quite folliclely challenged).

Andrea & Alyssa at Johnny Depp’s square outside Grumman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Andrea & Alyssa at Joshua Tree National Park in South Central CA.

As a family, we vacationed In California, visiting Disneyland, Hollywood, and Joshua Tree national Park this summer. Next summer, Tom and Andrea are going to visit the Holy Land together (again). Let Tom know if you would like to go with them (
We welcomed a new member into the family this year, Zeus. He’s our seven pound, half-toy poodle, half-chihuahua Puppy. For those of
You who are counting, we’re now at two cats, one dog, 23 fish… and no the dog doesn’t get along with the cats. L

Andrea celebrating her 16th birthday at Disneyland

Alyssa at Disney

Life in San Diego remains much the same, not even the weather changes much—but Alyssa does report that third grade is harder than second. We remain active at San Diego first church of the Nazarene; we even had grilled Thresher shark at our last Sunday School party. We may yet learn to fit into California, if you like know what we mean.

Merry Christmas from Tom, Annette, Andrea, Alyssa

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