A Phillips Family Christmas 2009

Loved Ones,

      Each year we try to develop a theme to tie the randomness of our year’s activities together.  This year, Alyssa suggested “Twilight” (she’s hooked on the books and films) or Facebook.com (she’s become an addict of that particular web site); Andrea suggested the SeaLions (She’s now a student at PLNU and that is the university’s Mascot) or Bharat (he and Andrea are still a couple); Tom suggested scholarly monographs on the book of acts (He knows how you all can’t get enough of that topic).  Alas, however, Annette won the debate (like that’s a surprise!)—and we went with “our year in pictures.”  If a picture is worth a thousand words, Here’s 18,000 well-chosen words.



The family in San Francisco (July 2009)

http://www.thomasephillips.info/redwoods09k.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/redwoods09c.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/redwoods09a.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/yosemitevalley09b.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/yosemitevalley09e.JPG

Yosemite National Park (July 2009)

http://www.thomasephillips.info/andrea18bday3.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/catalina09l.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/ann09cruisea.JPG http://www.thomasephillips.info/gradcerem0609a.jpg

Andrea’s 18th birthday, the girls’ cruise, & Andrea’s graduation

http://www.thomasephillips.info/gradcerem0609g.jpg http://www.thomasephillips.info/ballet0609d.jpg http://www.thomasephillips.info/prom0509a.jpg http://www.thomasephillips.info/lp0609c.jpg

Andrea’s graduation, alyssa’s last ballet recital, the prom & Alyssa promotion to Jr. High


A most merry Christmas from Tom, Annette, Andrea, & Alyssa



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