Loved Ones,                                              Christmas 2006

         Merry Christmas from the Phillips’ homestead.  We took the plunge and bought our very own piece of CA!  It was tough, but after looking at a few fixer-uppers ($625K-650K), a crack house ($645K), a bungalow complete with jade Buddha ($695K), and a beach-side dump ($675K), we made 3431 Larga Circle our home.  Look for us there for the next 30 years (no ocean view, but lots of hummingbirds).  Stop by for a quick visit sometime.

Alyssa in our 0.11 acres of

San Diego paradise


    Over the years, we’ve often given you a bit of the unique local spin we’ve heard on the English language in strange places like Boston and Texas.  In that spirit, Andrea and Alyssa have like been working like really hard on like learning like to speak like California girls. Like, well, I mean, like, ocean breezes must like be like hard on like, I mean, language skills or whatever. Like pray for Dad’s patience!

<<< The Girls at the San Diego Wild Animal Park


        As a new feature in our letter, let’s review a list of the family’s favorites: Alyssa—ballet and Ocean Beach;

Tom—the 2007 weather forecast (75 and sunny—everyday!); Annette—Sea World and Disneyland (just a little north); Andrea—Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse… (you get the idea).

       We’ve had an addition to the family. Annette’s a cat person; Tom’s a dog person.  So, Tyson, a ten year old cat, joined Camilla in November to make two cats—and zero, zip, zilch, nada, dogs.   (Guess who typed the letter this year.)

On stage at Sea World (thanks to our friend, Dave) >>>


Andrea & Alyssa on Thanksgiving Day

       A quick family run-down: Tom loves teaching at Point Loma Nazarene University.  The university has been very good to us and we expect our girls to attend there.  Annette is working at a healthcare facility on the beach in La Jolla, CA.  Andrea is a high-school sophomore with the attitude of a “wise fool” and Alyssa is a second-grader with dreams of ballet.  Both girls have grown to love life in CA—now that Texas-style civilization has come to San Diego in the form of a Chic-fil-A restaurant. 


     As always, we encourage you to visit us on the web at   We update our pictures regularly, so you can participate in most of our family celebrations and events on the web. You can even get a look at the new homestead. 

      Alyssa playing the Limbo at Andrea’s birthday party>>>


         We wish you a most joyous Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

                                                Merry Christmas from Tom, Annette, Andrea & Alyssa