‘The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us’ John 1:14


   Loved Ones,                                                                         Christmas 2005

         Merry Christmas and welcome to the fifteenth annual Phillips Christmas letter.  This year we write to you from San Diego, CA where we have come to believe that a white Christmas is really overrated!  When we sing Christmas carols in San Diego we gleefully proclaim, “Oh, the weather outside is fabulous!” and “dashing through the sand in a pair of flip-flops.” We really like that classic, “O, Palm Tree, O, Palm Tree.” 

Notice the Palm Trees in Old Town.


         We moved to San Diego in July so that Tom could begin teaching at Point Loma Nazarene University where he is a visiting professor.  For those of you who are keeping track, California is our seventh state of residence (IN, IL, MO, TX, MA, CO, CA) in twenty years.  Speaking of twenty years, December 27th will mark Tom’s and Annette’s 20th anniversary.  Tom likes to remind people that 20 years is longer than most people serve for murder.  Speaking of murder, Annette reminds Tom that she is still keeping her options open. J

<<<The Family in their “winter attire” at La Jolla, CA


              Being in San Diego has helped our social lives (for some reason, people suddenly want to visit us).  Andrea, now in 9th grade, and Alyssa, in first grade, have taken a liking to Sea World (5 minutes from home), the beach (10 minutes away) and Mexico (30 minutes away).  Andrea’s Spanish classes come in handy when we visit Mexico (Ella habla un español pequeño.)                                                Viva la Mexico>>>


      Good year—Alyssa performed in the “Nutcracker” in December; Tom was ordained this summer (what’s the church coming to?); Andrea got her ear pierced again and is only one year and one month from getting her learner’s permit (what’s the world coming to?); and Annette kept us all on the straight and narrow (more or less)!

<<<Andrea & Alyssa meeting Arthur, their first “big celebrity” in California


          It was difficult to say good-bye to all of our dear friends in Colorado—and particularly at church, but we still have 42 states where we had never held a driver’s license.  We can’t stay put too long…You can keep track of us through the thousands of family photos on Tom’s web page: www.thomasephillips.info (including Alyssa’s ballet recital).                      
Alyssa in the “Nutcracker”>>>


          If any of you “Gringos” get a chance, come down and see us in our new digs.  Maybe Andrea and Alyssa will even take you to Mexico for a margarita (non-alcoholic, but who’s keeping track?).      

         We wish you a most joyous Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

                                                Merry Christmas,       

                                               Tom, Annette, Andrea, Alyssa

“In the Fullness of Time, God Sent His Son…” Gal. 4:4