Christmas 2002

Loved Ones,

Merry Christmas from the Phillips family. We trust that this holiday season finds your family as healthy and happy as it finds ours. We continue to live in the Denver area. Life in Denver has its charms —Alyssa loves the mountains. We’re even getting used to living in a region where the signs tell the elevation of a city instead of population.

Over all though, we’re very happy. Tom is in his second year teaching New Testament and Greek at Colorado Christian University. (He was just promoted to Associate Professor.) Annette is continuing to offer loving care to her elderly patients at the Meridian Healthcare Center. By the way, Annette turned forty this year and, in spite of Tom’s earlier plans, he decided not to trade her in for two twenties.

Andrea just returned from "outdoor lab" at Mount Evans, a camp near the tree line in the Rockies. She spent a week on the mountain studying environmental science, astronomy, geology and other sciences. When she got home and started unpacking, we noticed that she never removed the plastic wrapper from her soap. When Mom and Dad teased her, she offered to take a shower. Mom and Dad suggested boiling her instead. On the bright side, however, we probably don’t have to worry about boys yet—unless there’s a potential suitor out there with a severe impairment of the olfactory nerves.

We attend Denver First Church of the Nazarene where Andrea played the role of Mary in the Children’s Christmas musical, "The Grinch Who Stole the Manger." We were pretty impressed that a girl who hasn’t mastered the use of soap could perform before a live audience of over a thousand people.

Alyssa just got her first hair-cut. She’s a trooper; she asked only one question before consenting to the hair-cut: "Will it hurt?" For those of you who are curious, Alyssa now assures us that it doesn’t hurt a bit to get a hair-cut. Lest Alyssa reads this letter in years to come and gets mad, we should also tell you that she has changed her name. Her new (and self-appointed) moniker is "Scooby" (as in Scooby-Doo). She tells us that Daddy is "my Shaggy." The good side of a having a daughter with a canine complex is that she’ll do nearly anything for a Scooby snack.

We must close. We assure you of our love and prayers for the coming year.

Merry Christmas,

Tom, Annette, Andrea, & Alyssa

"In the Fullness of Time, God Sent His Son…" Gal. 4:4