Merry Christmas

Christmas 2001

Loved Ones,

Greetings from the mile-high city! That’s right, we now live in the Denver area. We moved in August so that Tom could assume his new position as professor of New Testament and Greek at Colorado Christian University.

We loved Boston and New England, but felt that it was time for a change. Before leaving, however, we spent the summer touring the Northeast. We went on a whale watch (and ate lobster) in Maine, rode the "Maiden of the Mist" at Niagara Falls, walked the Freedom Trail in Boston, traveled from Lexington to Concord in the steps of the Revolution, relived the experiences of fishermen and whalers in Gloucester and New Bedford, and watched a witch on trial in Salem. What a summer!!

We also visited most of the major sites in New York City, including the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Central Park, Fifth Ave., Time Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Tom still has a picture of the girls in front of the World Trade Center in his office.

Now we live in Lakewood, CO at the very edge of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains are beautiful and Colorado would be a perfect place to live—if only Kansas was an ocean. We miss the ocean and the city of Boston…and our many friends there.

We’re learning our way around the Denver area slowly, but surely. We have been to Idaho Springs (home of the original western gold rush), Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum, and some of the state parks in the mountains. Next summer, we are planning to travel further west. Rocky Mountains National Park is only a few hours away. We may even go to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park.

The family attends Lakewood Church of the Nazarene. Andrea is now in fifth grade and attending her third school in three different states, but this is the first school to have bear drills on the playground. (really!) Alyssa is now talking up a storm and, fortunately, she shows no sign of a Boston accent. Annette is working at the Meridian Retirement Center and Tom, of course, teaches at CCU. All of us are healthy and happy.

We are happy, but we miss all of you. We wish we could see you all more often than we do. You are in our thoughts and prayers often. Next time that you’re in Denver, give us a call and we’ll drive up to the mountains for lunch at 13,000 feet.

Tom, Annette, Andrea, & Alyssa

In the Fullness of Time, God sent His Son…Gal. 4:4