Christmas 2000

Loved Ones,

This has been a good Year for the Phillips family in beautiful New England. Andrea and Alyssa are both healthy and happy. Annette and Tom are enjoying their 15th year of marital bliss.

Alyssa was barely crawling at the time of our last Christmas letter, but she is now in full swing. We were a little disappointed in her third place finish in the Boston marathon, but there is always next year…

With winter here in New England, Alyssa spends less time outside anyway. She has used the extra time to finish War and Peace. She just hates to leave a book half read!

Andrea’s doing well in school. After having some difficulty in Trigonometry, she has caught onto calculus quite quickly. We were really happy to see her math skills improve, because we were afraid that she would begin falling behind in quantum physics. Fortunately, Einstein’s theory of relativity came quite easily for her.

As a constructive diversion, Andrea is continuing her ballet. The Boston Globe described her performance in the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker as "awe inspiring."

Annette and Tom are continuing their careers. Because Tom had just accepted the deanship at Harvard Divinity School, he was forced to decline his nomination to the ambassadorship to the United Nations. In any case, we’re hoping that the royalties from his ninth best-selling book will enable us to retire early next year anyway.

Meanwhile, Annette, who won the governor’s award for mother of the year, has been named by the new president as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. She’ll probably serve in that post at least until her Nobel Prize is officially announced.

Ok OK OK. Tom is still teaching at ENC; Annette is still a nurse at Hancock Park; Andrea is an average fourth grader and Alyssa is a slightly cuter than the average toddler. But still, things are going well for us and we wish you a merry Christmas!!!

Tom, Annette, Andrea & Alyssa

In the Fullness of time, God sent his son… gal. 4:4