Photos for your enjoyment         

    Feel free to view and download any of these photos for your family enjoyment.  We will update this page from time to time. 

Family Travels

Bryce Nat. Park ('04)
Family Picnic (Sept. 04)
Monroe National Historic Site ('04)
Grand Canyon ('04)
Wolf Creek Pass ('04)
Mesa Verde NP ('04)
Four Corners ('04)
Great Sand Dunes NP ('04)
Aztec Ruins Nat. Monument ('04)
Holy Land ('04)
Zion National Park ('04)
Ike's Presidential Library ('04)
Florida (spring '03)
Denver Blizzard (spring '03)
Garden of the Gods (summer '03)
Yellowstone National Park (summer '03)
Botanical Gardens (fall '03)
Halloween ('03)
Pike's Peak (fall '03)
Air Force Academy (fall '03)
Rocky Mountain National Park (spring '02)
Mt. Rushmore (summer '02)
Gateway Arch (summer '02)
Louisville Zoo (summer '02)
Bar Harbor, ME (summer '01)
New York City (summer '01)
Salem, MA (summer '01)
Niagara Falls (summer '01)
Hersey, PA (summer '00)
Gettysburg, PA (summer '00)


Pictures of the Girls

Christmas 2004
Fall Festival ('04)
Taste of Colorado ('04)
Golf at Estes Park
Alyssa on 'the Wall'
Andrea's 13th Birthday
Kansas City Plaza ('04)
RMNP April ('04)
Botanical Gardens ('04)

Alyssa's Pre-K Graduation
Garden of the Gods ('04)
Alyssa's Fifth Birthday ('04)
Colorado State Fair ('03)
Starting School ('03)
"Taste of Colorado" ('03)
Easter ('03)
Girls at Christmas ('02)
General Pictures of Andrea
General Pictures of Alyssa
Pictures of Andrea & Alyssa
Dad with the Girls
Mom with the Girls
The Girls around Boston
Alyssa's first Hair Cut
Alyssa's 2nd Birthday
Alyssa's 3rd Birthday
Alyssa's 4th Birthday
Andrea's 11th Birthday
Andrea as a Southern Bell




Pictures of Family & Friends

Christmas at Linda's (2004) 
Old Buchanan Album
Gordon Family (2004)
Sunday School Picnic (2004)

Pictures of Andrea, Anna & Cindy
Jordyn & Johnna Tigert
Grandma Phillips
Grandma Buchanan
Grandpa Buchanan
Aunt Jane
Uncle George Phillips
Pike's Peak (Sept. 2003)
Air Force Academy (Sept. 2003)
Rocky Mountain Nat. Park (Sept. 2003)

Alyssa's RMNP flowers







Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter 1998
Christmas Letter 1999

Christmas Letter 2000
Christmas Letter 2001
Christmas Letter 2002
Christmas Letter 2003
Christmas Letter 2004
Christmas Letter 2005
Christmas Letter 2006

Christmas Letter 2007

At the Buffalo Bill Museum (just west of Denver)