The Beauties of Niagara Falls

    Enjoy these pictures of the family at Niagara Falls (New York and Canada) in the summer of 2001.  As always, you may download any pictures you want to keep for yourself.


We call this one "OK, Dad, I'm smiling."

We call this one "OK, Andrea, we're smiling."

At the flower gardens on the Canada side

"OK, Dad, is this cute enough?"

At the falls (Andrea doesn't know that she has "horns.")

"Hurry, Mom, I'm getting wet!"

On the Spanish Aerocar over the river.

Daddy remembering what it was like to have hair. :(

True Love--the joy of having  a big sister

On the boat, the "Maiden of the Mist," just below the falls

Finally, a picture of mom!

Blowing you a good-bye kiss.