Jordyn's Visit (2003)

    The Tigert family, John, Linda ("Granny"), Johnna and Jordyn came from Dallas to visit us in Denver.  We thought that you want to see photos of their visit.

Andrea, Alyssa, Jordyn, & Johnna

Andrea, Alyssa, & Jordyn on the train

Johnna & Annette

Girls on the train at Idaho Springs, CO

Johnna & Jordyn at the Water Wheel in Idaho Springs, CO

The girls at Six Flags (Elitch Gardens in Denver)

Alyssa at the Denver Zoo

Andrea and Alyssa at the Zoo

"I love bears!"

Jordyn on the Carousal at the Denver Zoo

Alyssa on the Carousal

A little sun-burned, but oh so cute...

Alyssa with John...and a big smile.

John and Linda Tigert

Jordyn & Johnna