Hoosiers on the beach
Cousins Sarah and Ben Come to Visit
(August 2008)

"Kids, you can walk along the beach, but don't get wet."

"Remember, kids, don't get wet."

"Don't worry, Mom, we're just walking along the edge."

"Mom, we're just wading.  We won't get wet."

Andrea at the beach (texting, of course)
Uncle Jerry at the beach (reminding the kids not to get wet).

"Sorry, Mom, that wave was higher than I thought."

"Don't worry, Mom, I would never get my hat wet."

"I like the ocean!"

"Sorry, Mom, it won't happen again."

"Sarah, Mom is going to kill you."

"Ben, mom is going to kill you!"

"Heck, Mom's a softie. 
She's not really going to kill anyone. 
Let's have fun."

"Hey, I'm not getting my hat wet."


And a good time was had by all.

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