Picking out a Pumpkin for Halloween

    Since our Boston days, we have journeyed to a local "u-pick" farm to find our pumpkin for Halloween.  We have saved some pictures for you from our 2005 trip to a farm just outside San Diego.

Before we shopped, Alyssa had to try out the swings...

After extensive testing Alyssa finally determined that the swing worked pretty well. :)

... Andrea decided to recheck the swing.

The horse and buggy seemed to be functioning well also.

While in Denver, Andrea took horseback riding lessons, so she could teach Alyssa how to ride.

Andrea can even drive a "big rig!"

Alyssa took Andrea for a (pretend) ride.

Nope, no pumpkins in here...

After Sissy taught Alyssa how to ride on those other horses, this pony ride was a piece of cake.

After all this activity, we were too tired to carry a pumpkin, so we waited and bought one at the grocery later.


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