Easter with the Kelle Family (4/15/06)
From Coloring to Hunting Eggs

"Mom, this is so fun. 
I wish that all my cool first grade friends could see me now!"

"Mom, this is so lame! 
What if my cool high school friends hear about this?"

"By the way, Dad,
do you know what 'Mary Jane' means at Point Loma High?"

Alyssa's friend, Grayson, and his Mom, Dee Kelle,
joined us to color eggs.

Now we are running to find the eggs!

"Are there any eggs under the stairs?" "Nope."

"Shhh... Don't tell Grayson that I have
already looked under the stairs."

Note the Palm Tree in the Background.  Life is rough in San Diego.

Finally, Grayson found one.

"Look at all the eggs in this Easter bag!"

"The heck with eggs, look at me!  I'm a goddess!"

"No autographs, please."

While Dad took pictures, mom posed. 
The other folks are Grayson's parents and grandpa. 
Grayson's dad was too lazy to run around
taking pictures of his kid. 
Good dads are really hard to find. ;)

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