The Annual Vacation (July 2008)

That's right... we went to Disneyland (again).

Actually, we went to both Disneyland
and Disney's California Adventure

Annette, Alyssa & Andrea by their favorite letter

Ever Seen the movie "CARS"?

The Main Street in Disney's California Adventure

The Family (on the back row) in the Tower of Terror

(NOTE: Andrea is not protecting Alyssa; Andrea is "anchoring" herself.)

Alyssa is teaching Andrea how to drive.

Next year, Alyssa wants to do something fun.

Annette forgot to bring her ears.

Alyssa "hanging ten"

The whole family with their personal host at Disney

"Don't worry, Mom, it doesn't go that fast."

"Dad, I can't believe that you put me in time-out at Disneyland!"

Andrea's prom date

Tom Sawyer's Island in the Background

Dad with a couple of his heroes.

Andrea & Alyssa with one of their heroes.

Annette showing off the latest fashion trend at Disney.

We may even come back some time.

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