On Memorial Day Weekend, Tom and Andrea went to Denver and visited several of Tom's
former students from Colorado Christian University.

Front Row (left to right): Joel Jeffries, Aaron Sours, David Gonzalez, Tara (Baur) Comerci, Alicia Olson
Back Row (left to right): Ryan Masterson, Ryan Brand, Mike Martin, Ryan Canday,
Dale Fredrickson, Ben Comerci, Scott Brabson

Joel Jeffries (on the left) is accepted at Candler School of Theology at Emory University.
David Gonzalez (on the left) is a student at Iliff School of Religion at Denver University.

Mike Martin (on the left) is a Mennonite, he takes all kinds of harassment from non-pacifists like Ryan Masterson.

Ladies, he's single.

Mike Azar is an Orthodox Christian; he specializes in piety.

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