Alyssa's 9th Birthday

For Alyssa's ninth birthday, we had a "movie party" in our household theatre.  We were honored to have several "movie stars" come and enjoy a film (Enchanted) with us.  We downloaded these pictures from some of the supermarket tabloids.

Alyssa & "Oscar"

Olivia Poole & "Oscar"

Olivia & Alyssa

Gage, "Oscar," & Alyssa

Lauren Olcott with "Oscar"

Lauren with "Oscar"

Luke Skywalker & his mentor  taking a break from the fans
(aka. Grayson Kelle & Gage Kossak)

Mexico's version of the Easter Bunny

Joli & the lady of honor

Savannah & Oscar

Ciera & Olivia Poole eating Pizza

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