Montage of Alyssa Pictures

Christmas 1999

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Florida

Playing with toys

Driving at Lakeside Amusement Park (Denver)

Eating Corn in western MA

Autumn in New England

Beautiful in Pink

Playing at Church

A Close-up

On the Harbor Express

In Florida with Grandpa & Grandma Buchanan

At Tony's Clam Shop (Wollaston Beach)

In Boston, near Bunker Hill

Going for a Ride in my Car

Practicing to be a Cowgirl in Denver

At Chuck E. Cheese

Watching the Tapir at the Denver Zoo

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Boston

Eating my Easter Candy

Playing on the Slide on the beach in MA

"I love the mountains!"

The Natural Beauty of Colorado

"Hurry up, Dad, the wind is blowing my hair"

On the Carousal at the Denver Zoo

"Man, is this ever fun!"

And you thought that Rocky Mountain National Park was beautiful!

What fun!

Alyssa with her friend Maddux

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